Is a Photo Just a Pretty Face? The truth about graphics in article posts

Studies show that an article with an image gets 94% more total views than articles without graphics. How can we ignore that statistic!


Let’s delve into this a bit more to learn the reasons behind it and the best practices so we can squeeze the maximum results from our efforts.

The major reasons photos and graphics work to drive more views to your article or blog post are:

1. Draws the attention of the curious human eye
Photos and graphics draw attention to your article. The human eye is drawn to photos, followed by captions then headlines so use this … Read more

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Anatomy of a Blog Post

To get the most out of your blog and to make the best use of your blogging time, we’ve dissected a typical quality blog entry and provided tips for each part:

Anatomy of blog

1. Title
The title is probably the most important part of your blog. It may be all that some of your readers take the time to see, and it often is what drives them to click through or tweet about your blog. But by using the right keywords it also improves your website internet search rankings. You’ll want the title to be interesting and brief, but also get your … Read more

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Persona Worksheets Drive Content Development

A key to a successful blog is knowing your audience and the information they seek. In order to provide useful, quality information to draw prospects and clients to your blog and website, you will need to learn as much as possible about them and the challenges they face.

The most common way content marketers and bloggers to do this is to develop a persona for each segment of your target audience. For instance, if you are focusing on facilities managers of health care facilities, the persona may look something like this:

Persona worksheet Sample_OnTarget

To develop a persona, you’ll need to answer some … Read more

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5 Tips to Creating and Maintaining Blog Content

Now that the blog for your architecture, engineering or construction (AEC) firm is set up and ready to go, how effective will you be at consistently creating the valuable content that draws targeted online visitors to your AEC blog and website?

Here are some tips to creating and maintaining the right mix of quality and quantity of content for your AEC blog:

1. Develop a Plan for your blog that includes goals tied to the company’s strategic initiatives & target audience. For instance, are you rebranding your firm, entering a new market, developing an online social media presence, targeting … Read more

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How to Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Hopefully by now, you’re convinced of the value of blogging, you’ve checked out blogs of industry leaders relevant to your markets and clients, and you’re ready to set up your company’s new blog. Here are three easy steps for you to follow to get started:

1. Determine and document the purpose of your blog and describe the audience.
This will help with lots of decisions along the way, including the next steps. For instance, the audience for On Target’s BulletPoints blog is marketing, technical and management level colleagues who need to know about or are responsible for a professional service … Read more

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Why Blog . . . Why Now?

The stats don’t lie! There are more than 100 million blogs on the Internet. . . Business-to-business marketers using blogs generate 67% more leads. . . Companies with blogs enjoy 97% more inbound links to their website. . . And, one of the top three reasons people follow brands is interesting content, most often on blogs. The infographic below from ignitespot provides some more interesting blog stats.

So why should an AEC firm blog?
Blogs offer many ways to build upon and support your marketing and business development efforts. Done right, blogs can:

1. Strengthen Relationships

The most effective blogs … Read more

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