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Guest and ghost bloggers can be key to maintaining consistent, quality blog content–one of the biggest challenges cited by A/E/C marketers today. We previously covered in our post, Five Tips to Creating and Maintaining Blog Content, a variety of other tips such as creating a formal plan, incentivizing internal team members, and curating content. So today, we’re going to focus on guest and ghost bloggers.

Ghost writing sample
Ghost writing sample

Some people wonder what the value is to having a guest blogger from another firm or industry. After all, your company blog is the platform for your team of resident experts to demonstrate their expertise and build relationships with your clients and prospects. So why would you invite someone outside your company to post to your blog? Here are 4 reasons for your consideration:

1. Industry Influencer Resource
Inviting a knowledgeable guest blogger or industry influencer shows you operate in the same circles. It also demonstrates that you keep up to date on the latest breakthroughs and are open to new angles and ideas on key industry topics.

2. Extended reach
Guest bloggers have their own following, clients, and prospects to whom they will cross post, notify, and/or share through their social and traditional channels, thereby extending your blog’s reach.

3. Fresh Content
With their varied backgrounds, guest bloggers also bring fresh content for your readers and can serve as a springboard for follow-on blogs topics by your internal team.

4. Affordability
Typically guest bloggers do not charge for their blog posts, as they benefit in very much the same way you do as the blog host.

Ghost bloggers, although quite different, present just as valuable an opportunity for your firm. Ghost bloggers, or writing consultants like On Target Marketing, can help stategize on your goals; develop topic ideas; research the topic more in-depth; interview your staff; identify, secure or develop appropriate graphics or photos; and draft a blog entry for your resident expert’s byline. Benefits to using ghost bloggers are:

1. Penny Wise, Pound Shrewd
The cost to outsource marketing services is a hurdle for some firms. But this penny wise, pound foolish approach could be holding back your firm’s growth, marketing team and/or technical staff. With a relatively short-term commitment and reasonable investment, you can catapult your firm ahead of the competition by embarking on and supporting a content marketing or blogging effort.

2. Best Use of Staff
Let your staff focus on what they do best – a basic tenant of sound management principals. Technical staff should be focused first and foremost on service to their current clients, making projects profitable for their firm, and conducting their direct doer/seller responsibilities. Marketing staff typically have unexpected and continually compressed deadlines particularly related to proposals and developing and managing the firm’s comprehensive marketing efforts, making it difficult to focus on content with any consistency. Content marketing and blog writing lend themselves perfectly to outsourcing, helping marketers and technical staff alike reach their goals, show results, and prove their worth.

3. Quantity and Quality
With the help of external, focused writing consultant, your firm can be more consistent with the high quality content that your clients and prospects are searching for to be more productive and valuable to their organizations.

The key to having success with outsourcing your writing is to hire someone experience in the A/E/C industry who knows how to work with its technical and marketing staff. Generic posts will do more harm than good, and technical staff will lose interest or become frustrated if they have to teach their expertise to the writer from the ground up. Worse still is if they feel they have rewrite the post after you’ve paid someone to do it. Your contract ghost-writer should have a keen awareness of how staff in an A/E/C firm operate and function to make the best use of their time, and they should demonstrate that are worthy of writing for your technical staff’s byline.

On Target Marketing is a 10-time national award-winning A/E/C writing firm that would love to lend our talent to your staff for your blog, newsletter, feature article or other content marketing efforts. Contact us at to learn more or to get started on the right combination of quantity and quality content.

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