Infographic or Photo? And 3 Other Tough Decisions Related to Blog Post Graphics

Using a photo or graphic with an article or blog post can draw in a reader’s attention, increase your brand exposure through reposts, and accentuate your message. But what are the best practices, particularly in the A/E/C industry, when it comes to graphics and photos? Here are four tips to get you through some of the tough decisions.


1. Infographic or Photo
The graphic should relate to your message, tone and voice first and foremost. So determine what type of graphic will best suit your article topic, author, voice and channel. A blog about fun facilities to work within would … Read more

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Is a Photo Just a Pretty Face? The truth about graphics in article posts

Studies show that an article with an image gets 94% more total views than articles without graphics. How can we ignore that statistic!


Let’s delve into this a bit more to learn the reasons behind it and the best practices so we can squeeze the maximum results from our efforts.

The major reasons photos and graphics work to drive more views to your article or blog post are:

1. Draws the attention of the curious human eye
Photos and graphics draw attention to your article. The human eye is drawn to photos, followed by captions then headlines so use this … Read more

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